Our collaborators

Academic collaborations

the Francis Crick Institute

The Francis Crick Institute in London is a world leading biomedical research center. Early adopter of the HPM Live µ, we collaborate actively on the full integration of the Live-CLEM workflow followed by In-Resin correlative light and electron microscopy. In the past, our collaboration resulted in the publication of the eC-CLEM plugin and associated scientific publication in Nature Method

The Radboud University

Radboud University in Nijmegen is a leading biomedical facutly of science. One focus of the Electron Microscopy Facility is to optimize the Full Cryo-CLEM workflow, from live cell imaging to Cryo-Focused Ion Beam milling Scanning Electron Microscopy. Together we achieved remarquable live to cryo-light microscopy analysis. Further work will demonstrate the potential all the way down to cryo-FIB-SEM

The Koch Institute at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Our first adopter on the american continent, the state of the art electron microscopy facility of the Koch Institute will help us to reach american standards and demonstrate the efficiency of our technologies on the new continent

Industrial collaborations


The Process and Engineering in Mechanics and Materials laboratory (PIMM) at ENSAM Paris is our closest collaborator in mechanics of materials and structures and also in the polymer chemistry field


ARTechnologies is the exclusive partner of CryoCapCell for automatic control system of the HPM Live µ and the HPM ⍺.

They have entirely designed and programmed the new HPMs user-friendly interfaces


Carl Zeiss is a world leading company in optic and microscopy, from photonic to electronic. Association of an LSM microscope with an Airyscan module allows high resolution live imaging before vitrication and then electron microscopy imaging. The whole process constitutes a unique workflow in life science imaging


Linkam is a british company based in Tadworth, United Kingdom. They are specialised in tools design and manufacturing for sample characterisation. Their CryoStage is especially oriented towards CLEM approaches and is compatible with our CryoCapsule.

To illustrate what CLEM is they, created the following video.

Please enjoy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n1NM9wnQoVY


Nikon is a close and active partner of Institut Curie in Paris, with the Nikon Imaging Center. We’ve worked closely with them to consider the best solution for our live cell imaging system linked to our high pressure freezing machine. The inverted microscope TI Eclipse from Nikon fits perfectly and offers the highest quality images required to conduct live cell to high pressure freezing experiments


Omron is the exclusive partner of CryoCapCell for the electronic control system of the HPM Live µ